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Knowledge and job providing hub for the professionals and graduate students aspiring for the career growth in the field of digital Marketing. Increase in the usage of internet has led to increase in the number of websites and brands .Every business is trying to gain the search visibility in the major search engines to gain recognition in the market. Companies are hiring and looking out for the certified professionals to handle the web promotion. At our institute candidates will be trained with basic and advanced tools and techniques used in internet marketing. Students will be taught about the algorithm updates with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing to gain traffic, Reputation and Rankings.

Internet usage increased with the businesses and customers has created a long lasting demand for candidates with knowledge in Digital Marketing. Increase the Graph of success and gain by acquiring the sufficient knowledge. Institute backed up with company professionals with years of experience as trainers.

"Tames the students to suit the company standards. Institute provides training in all the fields of Internet Marketing. Some of them include:


Think Business Think Social Media. Every business concentrates on generating traffic and conversions, one of the reliable source is Social Media. Social Networking sites increased exponentially in recent decades.

Social Media Optimization is essential in today’s world to create brand awareness and to generate revenue. Almost an Every Student and Businesses marking their presence with help of social media.

SEO Training Center provides complete information and training regarding Social Media’s used with the businesses to market the product or Services. Learn how to generate the traffic to achieve the goal. Get to know about Inclusion of the Keywords & onpage elements with social Media and how to include emails and newsletters to reach the prospects or customers will be taught. Social Media Optimization is a vast field which accepts innovation and creativity in attracting the customers.


"The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines." - Adam Audette

Since the name is search engine optimization, newbies might get confuse it as optimizing the search engine. It is actually optimizing website for search engines.
Today for the popularity of the website what really matters the most is the SEO work done on it. Search Engine Optimization is the most core important thing when it comes in making your global presence. In our company the fundamental stress is laid upon the site customization so as to meet the SEO needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service provided by our Company, a well known SEO Company in Bangalore assures the best results to its esteemed clients. We have the expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field who work on the latest technologies and guarantee page ranking.
Based on your needs we provide you with a complete SEO package or stand alone services such as on-page and off-page optimization, link building, keyword lists, content development, SEO audits and website analysis and rebuilding. All the above mentioned services have an important individual role and work collectively to improve your website position.

Internet Marketing comprises of SEO, Pay per Click Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Marketing, SMO (Social Media Optimization), Link Building and many more advance techniques to accelerate the traffic from every nook of the world and further converting the visitors to the esteem customers.
At SEO Company Bangalore, our dedicated team makes sure to provide you with the best solutions at the most cost effective price. We follow ethical and White Hat SEO Techniques only, so that your website bags the top ranking on Google, Bing, MSN and various other search engines and Social Media platforms i.e. Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and many more social networking sites

How we do this?

We study your business, website, web strategy and your competitors to assess your requirements and develop a reliable customized SEO campaign. Each and every minor detail is carefully worked on to help you achieve scalable and long-lasting success. Here you can expect transparency at every level and learn how to hone your website and use targeted keywords to improve your search engine rankings.


Email Marketing course teach you the basics behind smart email marketing campaigns, email copywriting and lot more. These Email Marketing courses are an excellent resource to use to your social media and analytics methods to assist you create one unified integrated marketing set up. Email marketing courses conjointly provide an excellent way to keep up with all the tools and technology effecting email marketing today.

E-mail marketing has been a core tool in digital promoting for several years, however, it's typically not used to its full potential because of problems around design, deliverability and user targeting. This course offers sensible guide to obtaining the foremost from email campaigns using the most recent techniques and best observe.

What you’ll learn

The course can suit anyone who has responsibility for delivering e-mail promoting campaigns, either in-house or agency aspect. Each those new e-mail promoting and marketers who feel they may be obtaining a lot of from their e-mail can benefit.


The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing, as in this process landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, digital marketers are long-faced with new challenges and opportunities among this digital age.
Students that attempt to undertake the Digital marketing Course, as the skills learned during this course can facilitate form your advertising goals and strategy for the Google on-line promoting Challenge.


Introduction To Digital promoting
Introduction to Digital Marketing During this course you will be presented with an overview of the digital marketing landscape. This will additionally offer you with associate degree introduction to several of the ideas lined in later modules.

Search Engine promoting
In this course you'll find out about however your web site is found on Search engines, the search landscape and however to spot trends in search.

Search Advertising
This course can equip you with the resources to make associate degree AdWords campaign supported your promoting necessities. Upon completing this course you'll be able to report and optimize your campaign to make sure that your goals are met.

Display Advertising
In this course you'll be learning the fundamentals of show advertising, as well as the assorted show solutions and the way to create a basic show campaign.

In this course you'll be introduced to the growing importance of mobile and mobile advertising. And also you can learn regarding mobile advertising and mobile ways and additionally optimizing your web site for mobile.

This course focuses on victimization social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc., to engage, connect and build your following on-line.


Web designingis an exciting career choice! Web designers build cool & participating websites with interactive pages and navigation. Web developers write code & setup code to feature complicated options & advanced functionalities to websites & portals.

A career in web designing is in nice demand round the world. Proficient & well-trained web designers earn a really high wage, once they gain expertise within the field.
Learn the technical skills of web designing, fine art, digital & interactive designing, internet programming languages, web standards and value with our Web Design & Development Program.
In our professional Web Designing program we teach all the aspects of web designing. In our Web Designing Course content is created and updated by experienced web designers to match the present standards of web technologies.